Bathroom Remodeling

Get the aesthetics, comfort, and functionality you need in your bathroom. Whether it's modern, contemporary, Victorian, rustic, chic, tropical, or beach style, we got all the designs on our list! Check our portfolios or visit our showroom for more detailed information.

Contemporary Bath Design

Our client called us to have their old bath renovated to their own style, something that would bring modern touches to the space. They were also looking to make the bathroom look more spacious and easy to navigate.

Stylish Bathroom

Our client's old bathroom was a bit small with low ceilings and old floor tiling. They turned to us with the desire to get a more functional bathroom space. We renovated their bathroom and gave it a brighter relaxing and more spacious area.

Sleek Modern Design

We turned an old bathroom into a more fresh aesthetic look with the function and efficiency our clients need. With the beautiful tile work in the bathroom, new cabinet, and vanity, we gave them exactly what they needed: a sophisticated modern bathroom space!

Kitchen Remodeling

The design and materials choices are limitless! Work with the award-winning interior designer and create a beautifully designed kitchen space more efficient and functional and make your dream kitchen come true! Check our portfolios or visit our showroom where everything is on display!

Dartmouth Brownstone Stain Kitchenette Bar

Our client was tired of their outdated kitchen and turned to us to create a redesigned kitchen project that fit their needs: modern and stylish; we created a new kitchen space that is airy and bright. Every detail is thoughtfully designed.

Modern Sleek Kitchen

We transformed this old dated and dark kitchen to a more functional bright space to give it a more up-to-date feel. We redesign the space with contemporary white cabinets and a countertop that gives it a modern finish.

Open Kitchen Space

This contemporary design helped an outdated kitchen built in the 80's pack a punch. A palette of grays and whites cabinets and countertops with indoor lighting gives the old space a sophisticated look and vibe.